We Are Always Looking For Motivated ARTISTS

We Are Always Looking For Motivated ARTISTS

  •  Are You Tired Of Making Great Music, But Not Getting the Streams You Deserve?
  •  Are You Lacking The Right Connections In the Industry to Blow Up?
  • Are You Sick Of Being Limited By Your “Local Audience,” and Want to Explode Worldwide?
  • ​Looking to Build a Solid Organic Fan Base?
  • ​Want to Start Getting Paid Shows?
  • ​Ready to Start Earning Royalties on Your Music?

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What is Tribe

We are a team of experienced, professional promoters serving talented new artists around the world. We host live shows, manage bookings, provide extensive promotion campaigns, open opportunities for features, and give top notch artist management.

Our Mission

We believe that every artist deserves the chance to be heard. We make our artists exposure a personal mission and we work tirelessly to forge dreams into reality.

Our Story

We began doing shows in Tampa, Florida. We soon realized that almost all of our openers were struggling to gain exposure. So, we set out on a mission to provide the best in class promotional service exclusively centered around upcoming artists.

Choose Your Plan

SoundCloud Plan

We will run weekly promotions on our SoundCloud platforms that range from 20k followers - 250k followers

Spotify Plan

We will run weekly promotions on our Spotify playlist that range from 10k listeners - 65k listeners

YouTube Plan

We will run weekly promotions on our YouTube page which is out to 900k subscribers.


We will run weekly promotions on our Instagram pages to help artist build a solid fanbase.

MadeInTyo Shows His Love For Tribe

The Tribe House- Robb Bank$ Interview

What To Expect

  • Expect your plays to increase from 1000-50,000 plays+ (Soundcloud)
  • Expect your spotify streams and listeners to increase by 50-50,000 (Spotify)
  • Expect your youtube views to increase by 10,000 to 50,000+ (Youtube)
  • Expect your Instagram views to increase from 5,000-80,000+ (Instagram)

How Does It Work?

  • Invest in your career by joining our Tribe.
  • Receive a call from us to start building a relationship with you.
  • Leverage Our Established organic fan base built over 6 years.
  • Start Receiving Anywhere from 10-10,000+ new plays a month (No fake streams)
  • Generate Organic growth opportunities with management.
  • We work 1 on 1 with you acting as your personal marketing manager.



Maxo Kream ^

Playboi Carti

Robb Bank$

Yung Shyne (UnoTheActivist)


Ski Mask
(The Slump God)

Yung Simmie

Spotify Placement Results

From 2,076 Monthly Listeners to 5,556+ In Just 3 Weeks! 🔥

From 55 Monthly Listeners to 224+ In Just 1 Month!

From 17 Monthly Listeners to 200+ In Just 3 Weeks!


"Yup, @TribePromote is my family!"

Derrick Milano


GenoDa1 is one of our most successful artists. Through our intensive promotion campain, we helped Geno massively grow his fanbase across the country. Eventually, Geno saw so much growth that he was able to get signed by Sony Red Records and later to Sound Alive Records, who he is currently signed with.
"Hit up Tribe Promotions, they got my biggest song at 93,000 plays right now"
Ice Woadie
"Shoutout to @TribePromote for hooking me up with promotions! We doing numbers!"
"S/0 to @TribePromote. Their team is the best! They take good care of the boy. Much love."
"Shoutout to Tribe Promotions for supporting and helping me flourish as an artist"

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